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Bruno Mars’ Mother Passes

Bruno Mars, one of my favorite artists, is going through a traumatic time. His mother passed away. Your mother is the most important person in your life, your adviser, your best friend, your pillow to cry on. It must be horrible to lose such an important person to you. I hope Bruno Mars gets support through this hard time. She was young to pass, only 55 years old. My mom lost her dad when she was young, 16, and although I only heard her tell me about that time I know it was terrible. With sincere love and support for Bruno Mars,


My Acceptance Letter Into Mark Twain

The weeks waiting for my middle school acceptance letter were torturous. All I could think about was whether I got in. It was promised a week earlier than it came. I was so impatient. Everyday I would rush to check the mailbox and I saw… nothing. I remember the day it came. My friend called me saying she got hers. I started jumping up and down, waiting for my parents to get home. When they finally did I was so scared. My hands were shaking as I opened it. And then I saw my scores and the school I got in. I literally started screaming and running around. I was so happy! That letter changed my life. It is the reason I am happy now.